2 thoughts on “GLOBE Vanguard Conference Testimonies

  1. Marcus Davies

    I really thank God for this amazing experience at the GLOBE Vanguard Conference. This Conference has really challenge me and I am really growing in the Faith in Jesus Christ. I really understand how to be a Vanguard for Christ and what the Great Commission of God is. I enjoyed this conference so much and met amazing People that Loves Jesus Christ. I decided to be the Vanguard on my College campus and make disciples for Christ in my communities. I took the challenge to ask Jesus How can he use me that following Monday of the Conference and He used me by sending me to the library where one of my friends was. When I came to the table he was reading the Bible and I was telling him about the Vanguard Conference. As I sat down another guy that I spoke to came over and was talking about he wanted to get Baptized and thought he had to be in church to be saved. We explained to him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he confessed Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Savior in his heart. This was what God meant for us to be Vanguards on our College Campus.

  2. Jamar Skyles

    Hi, my name is Jamar Skyles and I am a student as well as a vanguard at Norfolk State University. I would like to share and give a personal testimony of what God did in my life at the Globe Vanguard Conference 2013 held at Bethel Christian Camp in Gaston, SC.

    From the first day of our road trip to South Carolina, I knew that Jesus Christ had already predestined our conference. Though we were small in number we were immense in power from on high. From the worship services we sang praises to King, with Gregg Johnston leading us in worship. We were fed with scriptural knowledge from the pastors. Pastor Vernon Allen’s message of a racially united mission spoke to me through its defense of the oneness of God, that God is glorified in Christina unity, our ministry of reconciliation, and the cause of the gospel sake really spoke to me. Pastor Ken Watson really spoke to me in his message Our Mandate of Christ when he said “an all-inclusive gospel can’t be used by exclusive people.” Pastor Mike really challenged us to be “Souljas” of Great Commission by supplicating, offering, unifying, leading, jumping and aspiring. On Sunday at Rock Hill Bible Fellowship Church we were especially blessed by Pastor Allen’s sermon that the Church is built upon the rock, “Jesus Christ –the Son of the Living God”. After fellowship, as we departed for Norfolk our group began to intensely give testimonies about one another; building one another up in the Word of God. I have to say this conference was encouraging experience to the point where my fellow brothers and sisters didn’t want the experience to end. We hope to do the same again at the appointed time but for now we must carry out mission that has been laid before us.

    I would really encourage you to join in our ministry for the gospel’s sake.

    Be Blessed!

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